The divine origin of Indian Rivers is an article of faith for many millions of believers. Celebrated, and worshipped, the River is revered as a physical manifestation of the munificence of the omnipotent Lord. Interestingly, the River Chambal, one of the major rivers feeding into the Yamuna, and thence Ganga, is completely devoid of any such antecedents.

With the promise of permitting you to spend your holidays with nature, the crocodile safari at Palighat will bring opportunities to beholding several aquatic species like red-crowned roof turtles, Ganges river dolphins, Indian roofed turtles, and smooth-coated otters. Besides, the famous gharials and mugger crocodiles of the Chambal River will be among the zenith attractions.

The boat ride through the Chambal River also denotes fine chances of beholding several kinds of birds as over 320 species of resident and migratory birds can be found within the sanctuary. Some of the mentionable ones from them are sarus crane, Indian skimmer, Indian courser, and Pallas’s fish eagle. They reside on the pygmean and thorny vegetation spread across the banks of the river.

You will relish every breath of your journey of a serene boat ride through the quietly surging waters of the Chambal River, alongside the scenic landscapes, while the Chambal Safari boat ride will be conducted through three Indian states – Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

Chambal Gharial Safari: The first point to know before planning a safari trip to National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary is the booking can’t be done offline. Meaning, if you are planning a trip to Ranthambhore and want to keep a day for Chambal Safari, you need to pre-book it through At the time of booking, you should share information like names, gender, and age of the visitors going to attend the safari. Identity proof of the partaking visitors will also be mandatory for the online booking process.

Important Notes:
 Chambal Safari where every individual participating in it would be given life jackets

•  It  also includes the safari and life jackets. But, as an added facility, you will avail of a pick and drop service to reach the safari destination from your hotel and go back again after the completion of your tour.

•  pick and drop facility. But, during your trip, scrumptious lunch will be served for you.
•  if you are reluctant to leave any of the aforementioned benefits. Meaning, on choosing it, apart from receiving life jackets during your boat ride, you will obtain the pick and drop facility, and delicious meals in lunch too.
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